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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Food is an important subject as good nutrition and the ability to cook is a necessity of life. Based in two purpose-built and well-equipped food rooms students learn a variety of skills to enable them to cook a range of savoury and sweet dishes. Students are also taught a range of practical, food science and theoretical lessons to develop an understanding of the functions of ingredients and how to create a balanced and nutritious meal, following the ‘Eatwell Guide’.

Textiles provides an opportunity for students to develop their creativity and their design skills. They will learn a variety of hand-sewing stitches and techniques, to produce a final piece of their own design. Students are encouraged to consider sustainability and to recycle materials wherever possible.

Students choosing to further their studies in Food Studies at key stage 4 can choose from two courses. The GCSE Food and Nutrition course allows students to further develop their knowledge of nutrition, the ‘Eatwell Guide’ and how to create a healthy, balanced diet. They also consider the function of ingredients and the science of food and cooking and carry out scientific investigations. Practical skills developed include the ability to produce a wide variety of dishes including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, pastry making and baking. Food from different cultures is considered alongside a study of the origin and sustainability of food production methods.

The BTEC Level 2 Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills course is practical and hands-on. This will further develop students’ knowledge of nutrition, the ‘Eatwell Guide’ and how to create a healthy, balanced diet. Students learn how to evaluate dishes created and reflect on how improvements could be made.