St Cenydd School Prospectus


I am delighted to welcome you to St Cenydd Community School and introduce this prospectus that will inform you of our school and our values. St Cenydd is a popular and successful English medium 11-18 school that welcomes children of all abilities, interests and aptitudes. Everyday school life is centred on strong traditional values such as respect, reliability, community, self-discipline and pride alongside contemporary teaching and learning best practice. Our collective values are summed up in our school motto which is ‘Aspire and Achieve’ as we strive to support our pupils in achieving the very best that they can in all areas of school life. This is supported by our one school rule: ‘Ready, Respect, Safe’. This means that we expect everyone to be ready to learn, to be respectful of themselves, others and the environment, and to act in a safe manner. Pupils thrive here at St Cenydd, academically and socially. Our pupils expect to work hard, and are happy and confident. Our dedicated staff provide first class support, care, guidance, within their lessons, across the school and through a wealth of enrichment opportunities. We have a very successful sixth form, and we are proud to host a Specialist Resource Base as well as a satellite class for Trinity Fields Special School. We work in partnership with a number of businesses and schools to ensure that our pupils have the best opportunities. Our pupils have enjoyed considerable success over the past four years, and we are determined to ensure that every pupil will develop the skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence to succeed in our rapidly changing world. I hope that this prospectus will give you an overview of our school. However, the best way to get to know us is to visit. We hold parents evenings for prospective Y6 pupils in October and for prospective Y12 students in January. We also welcome visitors at any time of year. Please contact the school to book an appointment. I look forward to meeting you in the future. FROM THE HEADTEACHER MISS REBECCA V. COLLINS HEADTEACHER WELCOME

Thank you for inspiring and instilling a love of learning in our child – they have been taught, encouraged, instructed, praised, mentored, guided and influenced, and are being given the foundations to build on by your wonderful, dedicated and hardworking staff. - Parent “

ASPIRE AND ACHIEVE Learning is at the heart of everything we do. We endeavour to make every classroom a safe, supportive environment where all individuals can learn, grow and succeed. All adults at St Cenydd have high expectations of all our pupils across all areas and stages of the curriculum. We provide a rich curriculum with a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities for each individual. We believe that when pupils take ownership of and responsibility for their own achievements, learning becomes a rewarding and enjoyable experience which ultimately develops and increases learners’ confidence, independence, self-esteem and resilience. We celebrate achievement and endeavour here at St Cenydd, most notably through the Headteacher Awards. These awards are made each term across all subject areas in recognition of exceptional performance and effort. As stated in the Welsh Government ‘Successful Futures’ ambition, we firmly believe that it is our duty to help our students develop as • ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout their lives • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society

The governing body of St Cenydd Community School has 20 members. They are Parent Governors (6), Community Governors (5), Local Authority Governors (5), Staff (3) and Headteacher (1). Full Governing Body meetings take place at least three times a year, with a committee structure to support the work of the Full Governing Body. Governors take a proactive role and monitor the work of the school to ensure high quality provision, strong progress and good standards. Details of the current Governing Body can be found on the school website: Correspondence for the Chair or Clerk to the Governing Body should be marked for their attention and sent to the school address. Our Senior Leadership is made up of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher (who deputises for the Headteacher when required), four Assistant Headteachers, Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCO) and Business Manager. The Headteacher is ultimately responsible for all school matters and reports to the Governing Body. She is assisted by the Senior Leadership Team. Individual members of the Senior Leadership Team have delegated full responsibility for their respective specialisms. SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM GOVERNING BODY Headteacher MISS REBECCA COLLINS Ass i stant Headteacher – Curr iculum, Ski l l s and Support MR ALEX JONES Ass i stant Headteacher - Safeguarding, Attendance and Trans i t ion MR LEE DICKINSON Deputy Headteacher MR CERI BOWN Ass i stant Headteacher - Behaviour and Wel lbeing MR ANDY HARRISON Ass i stant Headteacher – Teaching and Learning MR PHIL CHANDLER Addi t ional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCO) MRS HANNAH EVANS Bus iness Manager MR STEVE BARROW

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at St Cenydd. I have learnt so much and had great experiences. Everyone here is welcoming and supportive. I feel very privileged to have been part of St Cenydd. - Pupil “

We provide a learning environment where our students thrive and excel, working with a talented team of committed teachers. Our students in Years 7 to 9 follow a curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Welsh, RVE, History, Geography, Computer Science, French, Spanish, Design Technology, Food and Nutrition, Art, Music, Drama and PSE. All pupils have equal access to the school curriculum. All pupils in KS3 are taught in sets, including an additional learning needs class in each key stage 3 year group. Students develop their literacy and numeracy skills across their curriculum, alongside their digital and wider skills, as part of their lifelong learning. Pupils entering both key stages 4 and 5 have the opportunity to select from a menu of subjects offered each year. This menu is designed to give breadth within the curriculum offer whilst also allowing individual pupils to choose subjects which are of interest or may be pertinent to future career pathways. Established transition programmes and guidance are in place to allow all pupils to make informed and appropriate choices at both levels. All pupils in KS4 study English, mathematics, numeracy, science, Welsh, RE, PSE and the National Skills Challenge Certificate. Pupils entering year 10 (key stage 4) will be able to choose three option subjects. There is a good range of academic opportunities, which include the three separate sciences of biology, chemistry and physics at GCSE, while able mathematicians can gain a qualification in additional mathematics as important preparation for A Level and university study. Pupils entering the sixth form (key stage 5) will be able to choose up to four subjects to study at the Advanced Level; pupils at this level will also complete the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate. In our curriculum choices at KS4 and KS5, we aim to be as flexible as possible and respond to the needs of our pupils so that they have a stimulating and demanding curriculum. These are available to view on the school website. OUR CURRICULUM

READY, RESPECT, SAFE We have one school expectation or rule here at St Cenydd – Ready, Respect, Safe. This means that we expect everyone here at St Cenydd to be ready to learn, to show respect for themselves, for others and for our environment, and to be safe in their actions and words. We encourage St Cenydd pupils to demonstrate that they are ready, respectful and safe each and every day by • Taking responsibility for their own learning because they value their education and by being ambitious to be the best version of themselves • Taking part in their learning by being resilient and persevering with hard work and thought in the classroom and by knowing taking part will ultimate lead to them achieving their wider aspirations • Taking pride in the work they produce and in themselves based on the traditional values of our community • Taking care both of themselves and over their work by expecting excellence, thinking hard and using knowledge critically • Taking opportunities to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, embracing and enjoying the challenges that arise in the classroom and by being confident about contributing and sharing their own views and opinions • Taking action to be motivated and empowered to make a difference and know that they can always make further improvements Pupil-teacher relationships at St Cenydd are incredible. One of my favourite things about St Cenydd is the way that every teacher makes you feel like you belong. - Pupil “

St Cenydd has a long-standing reputation as a caring and inclusive school committed to offering opportunity for all. We are very proud to host a local authority resource base for pupils with significant speech and language needs as well as hosting a satellite class for Trinity Fields Special School. We aim to create an environment that meets the learning needs of each child and to ensure full access to the school curriculum. We respect the fact that children have different educational needs and aspirations and therefore need access to a range of different teaching approaches and experiences. The wellbeing of each member of our school community is paramount. We build positive partnerships between our staff, pupils, parents and governors to ensure that teaching and learning at St Cenydd is consistently good and produces pupils who have high expectations for themselves and for others. Pupils’ emotional wellbeing is vital for great learning in the classroom and without it pupils cannot flourish and reach their potential. Wellbeing is a personal evaluation of how we feel about and experience our lives. It is our duty to ensure that pupils and staff remain motivated, engaged and healthy during challenging times. Positive relationships are encouraged in line with our ‘Ready, Respect, Safe’ expectation. In school we offer: • access to our nurture room, Learning Coach, School Counsellor or school nurse • advice, information and support if pupils have concerns about their own or others mental health and well being • a link with external agencies to ensure that pupils are supported in all areas of wellbeing INCLUSIVE AND CARING At St Cenydd there is a strong sense of community, where everyone is included and is treated as equals. - Pupil “

SIXTH FORM St Cenydd School Sixth Form presents a wealth of opportunity and challenge for pupils who have taken the decision to extend their education beyond the age of 16. Each year sees a substantial proportion of our Year 11 pupils choosing this route. This achievement reflects great credit on our pupils and a dedicated team of staff, who are always willing to teach, support, guide and advise our students on their chosen path. This collaborative effort is demonstrated in a number of ways; through our examination results, which are among the very best in the local authority, through our enrichment programme which encourages our Sixth Form to make a contribution to the rest of the school and the wider community; and through the range of extra curricular activities where our students are expected to lead as well as to participate. The Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate gives the pupils the opportunity to enhance their skills alongside gaining an additional qualification that our current Year 13’s have found very valuable in gaining University offers. Academic performance in the Sixth Form is consistently good. Our teachers are high quality subject specialists who are dynamic and committed to ensuring that pupils achieve their full potential in the subjects they have chosen. We offer access to A Level subjects both at St Cenydd and within the Caerphilly Basin Schools’ Partnership. Life in the Sixth Form is varied, fulfilling, different, as well as demanding. The staff help us thrive in each subject. They believe in us. For that, I could not be more thankful. - Pupil “

The school is a welcoming environment. The Headteacher and senior leaders communicate a clear vision based on high aspirations for the achievement and welfare of all pupils. The enthusiasm and commitment to achieve permeates the school. - Education Achievement Service September 2017 “

St Cenydd Community School has a strong commitment to the added value of learning beyond the statutory school day and beyond the school premises. Pupils at St Cenydd have the opportunity to access a wide range of trips, visits and off site activities that serve to broaden their educational experiences and their academic aspirations. A wide range of extracurricular activities here at St Cenydd including sports and creative arts, support our focus on academic success and opportunity. We are proud of the many academic and wellbeing partnerships we have built with industry, universities and agencies, which help us to expand the experiences of our pupils beyond the classroom and the school. Many of these experiences are integral to specific curriculum areas, for example field work in geography. Others are non-subject specific experiences that serve to broaden the pupils’ cultural and social horizons, for example trips to places such as the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. We also take part in prestigious competitions and festivals such as the Rosslyn Park Rugby 7s and the Shakespeare Schools Festival. These valuable opportunities for our pupils help to develop their independence and confidence and to develop a raft of valuable skills, such as collaboration, problem solving, leadership and communication skills. OPPORTUNITY Educational visits are not only enjoyable and entertaining but also teach us things we didn’t know! - Pupil “

Our school uniform reflects our expectations and aspirations for our pupils. Our uniform gives our pupils a sense of belonging to our community and is part of our ‘Ready Respect Safe’ one school rule. School uniform contributes to the ethos of our school, setting an appropriate tone, based on the belief that what we wear affects how we feel and behave. We want to strike the right balance between practicality and formality. All pupils wear a St Cenydd school blazer, school tie for their key stage, white shirt, black formal trousers or skirt, and black shoes. There is an optional school jumper, cardigan or tank top. Our expectations regarding uniform and appearance for all pupils attending St Cenydd Community School are outlined in detail on our school website: UNIFORM

08:35-08:55 08:55-09:55 09:55- 10:55 10:55- 1 1 : 10 1 1 : 10- 12: 10 12: 10- 13: 10 13: 10- 13:55 13:55- 14:55 ASSEMBLY / MORNING REGISTRATION LESSON 1 LESSON 2 BREAK LESSON 3 LESSON 4 LUNCH LESSON 5 OUR SCHOOL DAY We operate a two week timetable, with 25 x 1 hour lessons each week. Pupils are expected to be in school by 08:25 For School Admissions, please contact Caerphilly County Council Address: Ty Penallta, Tredomen Park, Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed CF82 7PG Tel: 01443.864870 or 01443.864897 Website: ADMISSIONS

ST CENYDD COMMUNITY SCHOOL Address: St Cenydd Road, Trecenydd, Caerphilly CF83 2RP Tel: 029.2085.2504 Email: CONTACT INFORMATION Our school website is a very useful source of extra information about our school including the school calendar with term dates and INSET days, school policies, and our most recent Governors Report to Parents. Here you will find information such as our most recent comparative DEWi and SSSP information, destination data for KS4 and KS5 pupils. However, please do not hesitate to contact the school should you require any further information or if you would like a paper copy of any of the above. You will also find useful information about the school on the following websites: • For school performance information: • For school inspection reports: • For Caerphilly Local Authority: FURTHER INFORMATION

ST CENYDD COMMUNITY SCHOOL Headteacher: Miss Rebecca V. Collins Chair of Governors: Mr Robert Forester