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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Congratulations to the winners of the Year 9 Headteacher's awards:

Art Excellence Amelia REDMOND
  Endeavour Aeris USHER
D&T Excellence Tilly ALEXANDER
  Endeavour Menna ARNOLD
Drama Excellence Lillie FINCH
  Endeavour MacKenzie LANCHBURY
English Excellence Ren AXENDERRIE
  Endeavour Jessie BERRY
French Excellence Elliot JONES
  Endeavour Millie DAVIES
Geography Excellence Cameron DOYLE
  Endeavour Scarlett DUFFY
History Excellence Dylan HERDMAN
  Endeavour Eve GRIFFITHS
Home Economics Excellence Seren COLE
  Endeavour Gracie-Mae HARRIS
ICT Excellence Rhodri EDWARDS
  Endeavour Caitlin COTTERELL
Maths Excellence Morgan BAINBRIDGE
  Endeavour Holly GRAHAM
Music Excellence Ava RAHMAN
  Endeavour Tori-Leigh KERR
PE Girls Excellence Isabelle SILCOX
  Endeavour Emily JOHNSON
PE Boys Excellence Ioan DOWLING-BOWDEN
  Endeavour Matthew COGHLAN-BARKER
RVE Excellence Jenson WALKLEY
  Endeavour Miley WATTS
Spanish Excellence Sam KEMP
  Endeavour Liam STEPHENS
Skills Excellence Monina MARAMBA
  Endeavour Honey THOMAS
Science Excellence Alfie PRANCE
  Endeavour Seren JONES
Welsh Excellence Megan RUTTER
  Endeavour Joshua BURT