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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Congratulations to the winners of the Year 8 Headteacher's awards:

Art Excellence Amelia REDMOND
  Endeavour Callum WHITE
D&T Excellence Tahlia PARFITT
  Endeavour Aeris USHER
English Excellence Lloyd REES
  Endeavour Liam STEPHENS
French Excellence Billy ASHCROFT
  Endeavour Tilly ALEXANDER
Geography Excellence Sam KEMP
  Endeavour Caitlin PERRY
History Excellence Callum ANDREWS
  Endeavour      Isla BALL
Home Economics      Excellence Scarlett-Ann HALLETT
  Endeavour Seren COLE
ICT Excellence Dylan HERDMAN
  Endeavour Aaron REES-MORGAN
Maths Excellence Alfie PRANCE
  Endeavour Lewis MILLARD
Music   Excellence Dylan WALL
  Endeavour Honey THOMAS
PE Girls Excellence Megan RUTTER
  Endeavour Grace LUKASZEWICZ
PE Boys Excellence Ben FERRIS
  Endeavour Cory PONTIN
RE Excellence Emily KING
  Endeavour Caitlin COTTERELL
Skills Excellence Joshua FAULDS
  Endeavour Monina MARAMBA
Science Excellence Isobel JONES
  Endeavour Liam WALLEN
Spanish Excellence Holly GRAHAM
  Endeavour Lillie FINCH
Welsh   Excellence Dylan DAVIES
  Endeavour MacKenzie LANCHBURY