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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Congratulations to the winners of the Year 7 Headteacher's awards:

Art Excellence Erin ADAMS
  Endeavour      Nimmi SHARMA
D&T Excellence Bailey CROOK
  Endeavour Blake RANDALL
English Excellence Lola MIDWINTER
  Endeavour Liam PERCIVAL
French Excellence Riley WILLIAMS
  Endeavour Carys SHORT
Geography Excellence Lewis JAMES
  Endeavour Korey WILLIAMS
History Excellence Xav CLARK
  Endeavour Aaron DINALLY
Home Economics      Excellence Milly RENMANT
  Endeavour Tiana WILLIAMS
ICT Excellence Zi Jun HE
  Endeavour Logan WELLINGTON
Maths Excellence Heidi ROBERTS
  Endeavour Oliver SHEARN
Music  Excellence Morgan JONES
  Endeavour Thomas STEVENS
PE Girls Excellence Xchevanaei HUMPHREY
  Endeavour Georgia SPINOLA-SCOTT
PE Boys Excellence Cam LEWIS
  Endeavour Nicko WRIGHT
RE Excellence Hayden EVANS
  Endeavour Ieuan THOMAS
Spanish Excellence Aoife FALLOON
  Endeavour Carrie LANCASTER
Skills Excellence Jack HALE
  Endeavour Holly-Ann HUDSON
Science Excellence Indy MORTON
  Endeavour Jack KEABLE
Welsh   Excellence Lily-Grace MACDONALD-BUTCHER
  Endeavour Maria BLACKEY