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Media Live - Disneyland Paris

The Media trip to Disneyland Paris was something that all involved will remember. From the early morning starts, to the amazing rides in the park, everyone will have something they'll look back on and reminisce about. 

The drive to Paris may have been long, however, it was full of laughs and the 14 hour journey went by faster than anyone could imagine. We arrived around dinner time at the accommodation and we all got together to eat food for the night, along with some other schools. Every single person was utterly excited for the next morning when we'd be leaving for Disneyland, it promised to be a fantastic day. 

While in Disneyland, it did not disappoint our expectations, we got there early and set off taking in the atmosphere of Disneyland. A popular attraction for us was the Avengers ride, a ride that Mrs Park got tricked onto going on but proved to be worth it. Many of us went on this ride and there were only positive things to say about it. Also while in the Marvel area of the park, Mr Mills was challenged to a dance-off with Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy. After some great moves from both, we could not decide a winner. We spent almost 11 hours in the park, in that time everyone managed to purchase some memorabilia, from Star Wars lightsabers and helmets, to a popular Minnie Mouse themed hat that almost everyone had a go of trying on. 

While there, we all went into the huge cinema convention to take part in the Media Live 2023 event where we all learnt new things about different aspects of online media careers. This included a talk from the famous presenter, Remel London, speaking to us about her time in the industry and how she became a well known radio and TV presenter; Andrew Davis who explained to us his job as a marketing trainer; and also Harry Seaton, an agency founder who first appeared as a content creator that now sponsors creators and owns his own agency. Everyone learnt new things about the industry and were excited by how many opportunities there are to get into the creative and media industries. 

To finish off, we were all in attendance for the light show and fireworks at the end of our day at Disneyland: a beautiful show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. An amazing and unforgettable experience was capped off in a way that concluded our trip. We may not have got that picture with Goofy, but we will not forget that day in Paris.

By Hywel Williams