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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Newyddion a disgwyddiadau

Year 9 Headteacher's Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Year 9 Headteacher's awards:

Art Excellence Olivia COGHLAN
  Endeavour Jessica STRONG
D&T Excellence Lacey FABIAN-PRESS
  Endeavour Jacob FARRANT-DAVIES
English Excellence Caden IVERSON
  Endeavour Alisha FISHBOURNE
French Excellence Harrison Norris
  Endeavour Caitlyn FORD
Geography Excellence Erin PITTEN
  Endeavour Chloe SEABORNE
History Excellence James CLARK
  Endeavour Brooke RENMANT
Home Economics      Excellence      Rosie WILLACOTT
  Endeavour Dylan WOOD
ICT Excellence Max ROBINSON
  Endeavour Dylan ALM
Maths Excellence Megan ROBERTS
  Endeavour Shane EDWARDS
Music   Excellence Jac ALLEN
  Endeavour Dylan GRIFFITHS
PE Girls Excellence Georgia WILLIAMS
  Endeavour Emily THORNTON
PE Boys Excellence Faron FORD
  Endeavour Kyle HARRIS
RE Excellence Sky HOWELLS
  Endeavour Isaac JONES
Spanish Excellence Teigan WILLIAMS
  Endeavour Ali BEDIR
Skills Excellence Jayden LLOYD
  Endeavour Joshua CHURCHILL
Science Excellence Jakob HOBSON
  Endeavour Kayley TURNER
Welsh   Excellence William FORD
  Endeavour Mia ROBERTSON