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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Newyddion a disgwyddiadau

Streets Apart!

The Art department took a trip to Bristol to examine the difference between graffiti and street art and to see up close and personally how they are created! We learnt that graffiti is about self promotion and the chance to see your name out in the public sphere where as street art is an engagement with the public, an audience, a chance to voice an opinion and pass comment. We took part in a walking tour around Bristol and looked at work by Inksy, street art crews and learnt the etiquette of the street! We then had the opportunity to try our own pieces! Creating a tag using wildstyle lettering  and graffiti pens before moving on to stencilling and spray cans! So much fun! So much mess! Can we go again please?!