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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

We are delighted to announce the members of the Pupil Senedd 2019-2020.  Following a competitive application and interview process, the new members of the Senedd were announced in a whole school assembly on 4 October 2019. 

The St. Cenydd School Senedd is an assembly of appointed pupil representatives to express their opinions about the school, to voice their opinion on how it can be improved, as well as undertake research and collaborative work through a committee structure to bring about change.

Our Head Girl, Tegan Davies, will be the Llafar (Speaker) during half-termly whole school Senedd sessions overseen by Miss Collins our Headteacher as the Cadeirydd (Chairperson) and Mr Sass Assistant Headteacher as Senedd Secretary (Ysgrifenydd y Senedd).  The Senedd consists of pupils from each year group, one appointed through the winning of the Headteacher Cup in the previous academic year : 

Year 7 - Daniel Gooding, Maisie Hughes, Darcy Nicholls, Harrison Norris, Megan Roberts and Tiana West

Year 8 - Travis Arnold, Jack Cole, Katie Davies, Emily Evans, Matthew Gooding and Imogen Jones

Year 9 - Kenzie Davidson, Shay Furgusson, Jessica Jones and Taya Penny

Year 10 - Michael Ashton, Jacob Chukoury, Angel Foggarty, Olivia Ford and Iestyn Jones

Year 11 - Abigail Owen, Lewis Preece, Emily Prior, Alec Robinson, Tyler Scriven, Harvey Thomas and Furn Whatley

KS5 - Tegan Davies (Head Girl and Speaker of the Senedd), Phoebe Barrow-Jones, Adam Davies, Kayley Edwards, Sam Higgs, Jessica Martin, Megan Paynter, Michael Ralph and Mackenzie Selway

Between whole school Senedd sessions, Senedd members sit on committees working alongside nominated members of staff, to draft a white paper for consideration and voting/ratification by the whole school Senedd in the next whole Senedd session. Committees include those looking at healthy eating, the school exterior environment as well as development of skills.

We have had the great pleasure of interviewing the applicants from across the school for the Pupil Senedd.  These are some of the answers to the question 'What do you consider to be three successful things about life at St Cenydd?' from within these pupil applications:

St Cenydd has a thriving community filled with individuals that are celebrated for their differences.  Life in St Cenydd is made all the more successful as a result of pupils who genuinely go out of their way to help and support others without knowing anything about each other and without expecting anything in return.  It's the simple acts of kindness of pupils, staff and teachers you don't know very well that truly brings St Cenydd together as a community.
The sense of community from staff and pupils.  If there is anything I tell people when they ask about my school is how lovely the teachers are.  They manage to be fair and just while teaching us better than any teacher I have ever had.
Life at St Cenydd is successful because each pupil is taught to dream big and work hard; to be confident, resilient and themselves.  'Aspire and achieve' aren't just words to pupils at St Cenydd; they're a mind-set.  The positive attitude is evident throughout school, on posters and throughout lessons, and the belief that hard work does payoff is brought to all pupils’ attention on any sort of results day.
I believe that at St Cenydd we have a positive school culture due to students feeling safe, supported, respected and valued in their school environment.  There are many members of staff and support networks that are dedicated to making sure that everyone feels comfortable in school and I consider this to be one of St Cenydd's strengths.  I believe that this is directly correlated to school success, as I think that this sets the foundations for students to learn and achieve their best.
Aspire and achieve is inspirational.  It instils a feeling that nothing is unachievable if you work hard.
For a school the size of St Cenydd, Y7 pupils are made to feel welcome and the fear and worry of the transition from primary to secondary school was handled very well.  I already feel part of the St Cenydd family.
Life in St Cenydd is made successful by all members of staff.  Every member of staff strives to ensure that each and every child who is part of the school feels safe, supported and well looked after.  Teachers go above and beyond what is expected of them; they give their time to give every child their best shot at success and they form bonds that positively impact pupils work ethic and mind-set.  Members of staff give each and every one of us the opportunity to gain an education - life at St Cenydd wouldn't be half as successful as it is without the members of staff.
The feeling that all teachers and staff want you to succeed and excel at all of your work and school life at St Cenydd.  If you approach a teacher, they are happy to meet you to give you any additional support.
I believe that the community at St Cenydd is the most successful part of the school.  All of the teachers are committed to making students' lives easier by offering support and guidance wherever it may be needed.  The students are also very supportive of each other, usually showing nothing but kindness and acceptance.
Another has to be the lack of judgement around the school.  Every pupil is from different backgrounds and of different ability but all children are treated the same and even pupils do not have prejudice towards each other.  The school seems to have created an ethos in which we are equal and the same.

.... we couldn't put it better!