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St. Cenydd Community School

Ysgol Gymunedol St. Cenydd

Anelu A Llwyddo

The History Department at St Cenydd is committed to teaching history so that it is engaging, thought-provoking and relevant to young people today.  We strive to help students to make sense of why things are the way they are in the modern world as well as asking challenging questions about the past.  We positively encourage our students to approach what they read, hear and see in a critical way and we encourage students to have a genuine love of history.  In today’s 21st Century climate, History remains a vitally important subject providing the student with the skills to understand and appreciate the contemporary world around them.  The subject should be particularly appealing to those who enjoy writing about their ideas, developing logical arguments and researching from a range of evidence.  In an age of information overload, the ability to recognise and evaluate bias is a real skill and one which is uniquely developed in the history classroom.  History provides pupils with skills that help in and out of the workplace.  It is highly regarded for such careers as law, television, archaeology and media.

All pupils will study history during Key stage 3 which will include the Medieval period through to the First World War.  At GCSE pupils can opt to study Hitler's rise to power, Britain: Depression, War and Recovery and the History of Medicine.  At A-level pupils have an opportunity to further hone their skills through studying the Tudors, Europe and America during the twentieth century and undertake independent research to complete a non-examined assessment on Chamberlain and the Holocaust.  It is our aim that pupils will develop their skills in analysis and evaluation and will develop valuable research techniques.