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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Key Stage 4

Revision prior to assessments and exams is essential if pupils expect to perform to the best of their ability.  Revision techniques are covered in form tutor time and the school uses external providers to train Key Stage 4 pupils on the various techniques which can be employed.

Revision lessons are run throughout the year in many subject areas and a comprehensive revision programme exists prior to external examinations which may include sessions on weekends and during holiday periods.

Pupils are encouraged to use school facilities and our Learning Coach is available four nights a week in E10 for help with planning revision and to discuss effective revision techniques.

GCSEpod is an online resource which is accessible to all students.  It provides high quality audio visual mobile learning across 20 subjects.


Effective revision and exam preparation is key to success in your AS and A2 exams. You will have learnt lots of content during your course but it is crucial that you can

  • Recall it in an exam and
  • Apply it to a question on the exam paper.

 All external exams take place in May and June. We will have internal mock exams in January for all A Level students. Students studying BTEC subjects are continuously assessed in every single assignment and do not have exams. Revision should be taking place every week for all subjects in the form of notes, practice exam questions, practice essays etc. –there is never such thing as no homework.

Just remember……….

“Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort”.

“The difference between mediocrity and excellence is often a matter of effort”.

Top tips

  • Start early
  • Make a revision timetable
  • Answer questions from past papers and practice
  • Condense your notes by identifying the key points, examples and evidence for each topic
  • Ensure a social media/gadget shutdown
  • Get organised to make an effective start