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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

'Big Homework' is a chance for pupils to show off their creative and imaginative skills, to express themselves around a brief that develops project learning, a chance to break all artistic rules learnt in lesson and show skills we might not be aware you have!

Year 7 Big Homework was to demonstrate their understanding of colour and the use of the primary and secondary colours. Pupils were allowed to choose their medium and boy did we have some imaginative pieces! From melted crayon colour wheels on canvas to 6 tier coloured cakes!

Year 8 Big Homework was to create a Surrealism or Wreck it Ralph inspired artwork. This could have been a sculpture, a digital image, a collage…what about a sculpture made from digital collage?! The possibilities were endless!

Year 9 Big Homework was to create a faceless portrait… what is a faceless portrait I hear you say?! This is something that shows your identity, your passions, fear and loves; and no, it doesn’t need to include your face! Lots of digital submissions and fantastic illustrations were handed in and we could see your imaginations running wild! A great submission!

Make sure you look at the department Instagrams to see more of your work!