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St. Cenydd Community School

St. Cenydd Community School

Aspire & Achieve

Congratulations to the winners of the Year 11 Headteacher's awards:

Art Excellence Hollie ELLICOTT
  Endeavour Logan STEELE
Computer Science Excellence Joshua JONES
  Endeavour Steven PITTEN
D&T Excellence Lauren MOSS
  Endeavour Jamie PHILLIPS
English Excellence Taya PENNY
  Endeavour Callum SMITH
French Excellence Sophie YATES
  Endeavour Lowri ROBERTS
Geography Excellence Connor STONE
  Endeavour James GRASSET-HAMON
Health & Social Excellence Xenia WILLIAMS
  Endeavour Alina THOMAS
History Excellence Tomas LEWIS
  Endeavour Rhys POTTS
Home Economics      Excellence      Charlie PARFITT
  Endeavour Courtney MCFARLANE
ICT Excellence Rhiannon THOMAS
  Endeavour Dylan DEVINE
Maths Excellence Hannah STRAITON
  Endeavour Megan BOULTON
Media Excellence Cerys WALKER
  Endeavour Riley JONES
PE Girls Excellence Georgia JENKINS
  Endeavour Madison BLUNDELL
PE Boys Excellence Dylan CUMPSTON
  Endeavour Taylor OWENS
RE Excellence Violet JOHN
  Endeavour Jessica JONES
Skills Excellence Cameron DAVIES
Science Excellence Amber BROOKER
  Endeavour Megan WEBB
Spanish Excellence Daisy WILKES
  Endeavour Holly PEGLAR
Welsh   Excellence Ryan WILLIAMS
  Endeavour Saskia WILLIAMS
Welsh Bac Excellence Tia-Louise HARTMAN
  Endeavour Samuel ROBERTS
Triple Science Excellence Dan LEWIS
  Endeavour Tanwen FALLOON